Data is very crucial resource for an organisation and for smooth functioning of organisation it is necessary that this data should be managed very efficiently. There are two ways an organisation can manage its data.

  1. Traditional File System Data Management
  2. Data Management Using DBMS

File System Data Management:

File System Data Mangement is an old technique for managing organisation data, there are various problems with file system data management, to overcome these problems some specialized software for managing data were invented and these software are known as DataBase Management System.


  • DBMS is a software used for creation and management of an efficient database.
  • Database is collection of data in an organised manner.
  • And DBMS contains various programs which help of create database that organise the data and also help to manage this dataset that delete , update, insert new data and search required data etc. from created database efficiently.
  • There are various popular DBMS in the market which have evolved over last many years for efficient data management. Example: dBase IV, Paradox from Borland Incorporation, Access, FoxPro, SQL Server From Microsoft, Oracle from Oracle Incorporation etc.
  • How DBMS manage a data and how File System manage a data, this can be visualized from the diagrams given below, after understanding this we can better understand the problems of File System Data Management in comparison to data managed by DBMS.
  • As, we can visualize from the above two diagrams that in case of File System data is processed and managed by applications programs, whereas in case of data and application programs are only dedicated for processing of data.
  • I hope you can image when there is dedicated software for managing data in place of application software which are processing and managing data as well there will be better data mangement.
  • Infact, the various advantages of DBMS, which were also problems in File System, have led wide acceptability of DBMS software in the organisation for managing data. You name any big organisation be it banks, railways, insurance companies or FMCG companies everywhere DBMS are being used for managing data.
  • Now we will look into various problems of File System Data Management and infact these problem have been reduced in the DBMS manage database, therefore the opposite of these problems are advantages of DBMS managed database.

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