Best adsense alternative 2018

 If you want to make extra income from your website/blog, this article may interest you. I have found a great alternative for adsense. You can monetize any type of website, even adult and gambling sites are allowed. Within one year I have achieved quite good earnings:

  • Minimum payout is $5.
  • No traffic requirement.
  • No ad space required
  • Instant approval.
  • Allow all type of websites/blogs.
  • High CPM rates per 1000 views, which is better than any other ad network.
  • Daily payout if you reached minimum payout threshold.
  • Payments are made on Paypal and Payoneer
PopAds ad network is one of the most popular pop-ups under advertising network. And it is a great alternative to adsense. It works great with any type of websites. The best thing about it that you can withdraw you earned money at any time once, your unpaid earning is reached to a minimum amount of 5$. Currently, It’s providing highest CPM rates, excellent technical support, fastest payment in the industry.
How Popads works?
Unlike AdSense, it does not require an ad space that means you visitors don’t need to click on anything. And you will get paid whenever your visitors will browse your website!
Popads is great if you are receiving traffic from USA, UK, Cannada because it provides high eCPM for these countries. But for Asian traffic, you may not earn much until you are getting a huge amount of organic as well as social traffic. (100% fill rates). PopAds works very good with download websites (mp3, apps) and video sharing websites. It can bypass adblock plugin and monetize this traffic too.
How To Sign Up for Popads?
The sign-up process of popads network is very easy, and you only need to fill up a publisher form. Just click on the link to go to website and fill up a simple form. And you need to wait for 24 hour to get an email from their team that your website is approved.
Can your website be approved? 
Absolutely yes. It accepts all type of website including adult, non-adult, hacking, and cracking.
Is their JavaScript plugin SEO friendly?
Yes. For API integration, they provide a small bit of JavaScript code which you need to add just above the closing head tag. And the best thing about it that, it does not affect the loading speed of your website which is one of the ranking factors of Search Engine Optimization. Here is installation guide for blogger:
What are the CPM rates of popads net?
 For US/UK traffic you get even 4,5$ CPM (depends on quality of your website, traffic, time, etc)
For 3 tier countries like India you get $0,5-06 CPM
 What is the Payout Threshold?
The Payout threshold is very low. You will get paid, whenever your unpaid earnings reach to a minimum of 5$. Payment will issue within 24 hours.
What are the Payment Methods?
As there are thousands of alternative available for pop-ups under ads but no one can compete with popads because it provides high CPM and daily payment. If you rejected by Adsense program, then I must recommend you to join this network.

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