5 Advantages of Installing a WordPress Malware Plugin

wordpress malware plugin

quarter of the internet is powered by WordPress and for hackers, that statistic is blood in the water.
Every day, people who are looking to gain access to your WordPress site. They want to hold it for ransom or steal information, and they are refining their tactics to successfully breach your website’s defenses. In response to this, WordPress releases updates to help ensure patching of any known security holes.
Still, with WordPress’ growing popularity, people who are serious about their blog’s security need to cover themselves with additional solutions to prevent their site from falling into the wrong hands.
One of the best solutions to this problem is a WordPress malware plugin.
A WordPress Malware plugin provides your WordPress powered site with a variety of additional protections. Those protections ensure safety as your blog and/or businessgrows.

Here Are the Top 5 Advantages of Installing a WordPress Malware Plugin

1) Login Attempt Monitoring

One of the most common ways hackers can look to gain access to your website is through brute force tactics.
Brute force tactics involve overpowering your website’s defenses via repetition. What that means for your WordPress login is that a piece of software could continuously try varying combinations of passwords to gain access to your website. This software is capable of up 1000 combinations a minute.
With login attempt monitoring, a WordPress malware plugin can alert you if there have been suspicious attempts made to access your site. Armed with this information, you can take relevant action. Action can be taken via features offered through your malware plugin or via WordPress’ control panel to help ensure your site’s safety.

2) Continuous Malware Scanning

If a hacker were to gain access to your blog via your WordPress login, web-host login or FTP account, they could install malware completely unnoticed.
Malware can come in a variety of forms. They can deliver unapproved ads on your blog, scrape your server data, hold your blog ransom or spread viruses to users who access your site.
Google and other search engines can detect websites that have malware issues. They then bury them in their results or remove them from their indexing completely.
A WordPress malware plugin will continuously scan and notify you if your website has been successfully injected with any type of malware. Once notified, you can use the malware removal functions included in your plugin to rid your website of its infection. After cleaning your site up, you can then increase your security to ensure that additional attacks do not occur.

3) Robust File Integrity Monitoring

When dealing with WordPress, every time you make changes to your blog its database alters to reflect that change. With all of the changes you’re making on a daily basis, if something were to go wrong, it’s hard to pinpoint what changes were made, when, and by who.
File Integrity Motioning provides that service. When using a WordPress malware plugin, many come with the ability to track all changes made to your website. Those changes then get organized by the specific time they were made and the user who initiated them.
This is a helpful feature for tracking activity that a hacker may have initiated on your website. It lets you understand what exactly they changed so you can reverse actions taken.
Outside the realm of hackers, if you have multiple users accessing your site legitimately, file integrity monitoring can be helpful. It allows you to hold each user accountable for actions they’re taking. This helps identify conflicts or unintentional misuse of your WordPress site.

4) Evolving Security Tactics

As we mentioned previously, everyday hackers are updating their tactics to gain control over your site. Having a dedicated service that stays up to date on those changes and can identify new malware as they start to circulate the internet is pivotal to ensuring your blog’s protection.
To address that, many of the plugins available on WordPress that scan for malware have definitions that update constantly.
These definitions identify well-known malware and malware in their infancy stage. That ensures your site always has the coverage you need for today’s threats.

5) Peace of Mind

It’s easy to assume that your blog won’t fall into the hands of a hacker and that your customer’s data is going to be safe because after all, there are over 1.5 billion websitesonline today. What are the odds someone will target yours?
The hope when getting a malware protection plugin is that it will never have to deal with an actual threat. The truth is though that you never know if you’ll be the target of a malicious attack.
Think about the hours you spent building your blog. Think about the time you spend building rapport with your customers.
Imagine all of that lost in an instant through somebody gaining access to your site and injecting it with destructive malware. That thought should keep you awake at night.
With a WordPress Malware plugin, you don’t have to worry about what could happen. Reason being that if it does, you’ll be well taken care of. The peace of mind malware plugins can provide to both you and your customers makes them well worth looking into.

Protect Your Content Today

WordPress is the most popular content management system for bloggers and business owners alike. It powers a massive chunk of the internet. All of these users on a single platform means a common denominator for hackers to target and for you, that’s bad news.
By installing a WordPress malware plugin, you protect yourself against breaches to your WordPress site. These breaches can happen via your WordPress login, web-host login and FTP login. This ensures that your website is never hijacked, held ransom, and data is always kept safe!
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