Unsupported Language And Premium AdSense Publishers

Google AdSense And Unsupported Language

How is it possible that some top websites with unsupported language use AdSense ads?
With regard to the safe and profitable use of Google AdSense you probably know that displaying AdSense ads on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is violation of the AdSense program policies.
That’s why all publishers are required to read carefully and respect the policies, otherwise Google can disable ads on your site or disable definitely your AdSense account. Especially when you are displaying ads in an unsupported language site, unless you wish to run the risk of having your account disabled.
Google AdSense at the moment is able to offer language support and ad targeting only for sites with content primarily in the following 38 languages:
unsupported language
Since your content is in an unsupported language, you may not place AdSense ads.
The Google AdSense policies are pretty clear about that.
You still wonder, why dont Google support your native language?
Why other publishers and this popular websites are able to display AdSense ads when the whole content is in an unsupported language!
How Could They Do That?
Google can, you know, eventually shut down their accounts, and place stop payments on any outstanding checks.
What you do is not what everyone else does…it’s what the AdSense policies say. Especially when you want to keep safe your account.
You might try not to worry too much about what mistakes other publishers are making. I’m wondering, what would it be like if you could find something more productive to do instead, like writing an article.
In fact, there is NO AdSense AD CODE in the source code of the website.
Verify by using your browser to right click over the Ad, and Inspect Element.
Then look through the source code.
You can use www.shekulli.com.al and www.manoramaonline.com as an example.
Do you see an AdSense ad code?
If No … that means most of the sites just aren’t using AdSense ad code in their site. They are simply using ads powered by Criteo and by Zedo.
No adsense code = no adsense policy violations.

It looks like, Google contacts several websites with high traffic & high quality content and offer them special AdSense account even if their language is not supported by AdSense.
It is an assumption that only Google decide which publisher they want to upgrade and which publishers to contact and negotiate specific terms.
The purpose of this special arrangement is research, considering to support ad serving in those unsupported language in the future.
The info above is based on several previously unsupported languages than have become supported.
The last beta test was made for Indonesian when Indonesian was still an unsupported language

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