Chameleone Interacts with President Museveni

Recently in Uganda on the political arena, Ugandans have received a new name from the entertainment industry, this time by Joseph Mayanja, known as Jose Chameleone, the country's most famous musician who announced his intention to run for Kampala City Mayor's Elections. General in 2021.

It is not forgotten that this artist who has previously played East Africa with catchy drums such as 'World Troubles' and 'Those Who', was associated with the revolutionary plan for a long time, but it always seemed to be a heresy.

"I started planning to become mayor since 2005. My dream was to become the youngest mayor in the City of Kampala," says Chameleone in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

"I have been a leader for most of my life, so it will not be a challenge for me to lead the people of Kampala if they want me to do so, to be their mayor."

It should be noted that the 40-year-old Chameleone is now a continuation of the wave of artists who have invaded the political arena in recent years.

This East and Central African region has also witnessed many artists doing so, enough to mention Robert Kyagulanyi 'Uganda's Bobi Wine', Joseph Haule 'Professor Jay' and Joseph Mbilinyi 'Mr. Resistant ', these are the new generation of music artists who have become involved in politics.

Sugu represents Mbeya Urban Constituency and Professor J is a member of Mikumi State, Morogoro. Sele Sele also joined the parliamentary constituency in 2015 in Morogoro Urban.

Two months ago, Ukraine witnessed actress Volodymyr Zelensky (41) running for the presidency, again in a panic, beating more than 70 percent against his outgoing leader, Peter Poroshenko, who scored only 24 percent.
Studies have shown that the participation of young people in pursuing political positions has increased, a major factor being many of them dissatisfied with things going on in their countries and governments.

In addition to what prompted Chameleone to step aside from the trip, he says it was due to the deterioration of government services to serve the community.

After confirming that he would join the opposition to the Democratic Party (DP) ticket, the fact is that he has added a lot of pressure to President Yoweri Museveni of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

It should be noted that President Museveni is preparing to run for re-election in the coming General Election after he enacted a constitutional amendment that eliminated the age limit for the presidential election.

Initially, the Constitution of Uganda made it clear that the term limit for the presidency is 75 years, so it set aside President Museveni (73) in the next election.

Returning to the musician Chameleone, he has long had a good relationship with President Museveni. Even before the start of the 2016 General Election campaigns, he met President Museven in developing a campaign plan.

A source at the forum said the musician had promised to support President Museven and NRM in the election.

As the campaign began, bearing in mind that Bobi Wine was a hit, Chameleone led other artists to perform on every platform with the aim of rewarding President Museven.

It was a time when some of the singer's fans attacked her concerts to express their displeasure with her participation in the campaigns.

But now, hostilities between President Museveni and Chameleone started abruptly soon, a few days after the artist announced his intention to enter politics.

In what was not expected by many, President Museveni dropped the 'follow-up' of the artist on twitter's social network, suggesting that they were beginning to lose their proximity to the conflict of political interests.

Earlier, Chameleone was one of only 24 people whom President Museveni had 'been-following', another being another artist, Bebe Cool who had been with him in previous election campaigns.

In addition, Chameleone's move comes after President Museven, who has been in power for 33 years, was bruised by a musician and another young politician, Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine has been a hotbed for President Museveni, urging Ugandans to use the example of what happened in Sudan and Algeria to oust the presidents.

In just two years since he stepped foot in Uganda's opposition politics, Bobi Wine has found himself under the auspices of President Museveni's government.

Due to the strong influence he has had on young people, it has been witnessed several times by President Museveni using state-owned vessels to hand over to the MP, along with his opposition colleague, Dr. Kizza Besigye.

President Museveni's recent statement that a musician should go to nightclubs to sing and dance, is cited as a symptom of the leader being overwhelmed by the power Bobi Wine plays in Uganda's politics.

Unfortunately for him, while he has not succeeded in turning off Bobi Wine, emerges Chameleone, who many do not consider to be much different from Bobi Wine when it comes to influencing young people.

Confirming that, in one of his recent interviews, Chameleone revealed that the young men of the bodaboda have always wanted him to contest every encounter. "I want to make a contribution just like Bobi Wine has done," he insisted.

As a result of their musical career, Chameleone doing it for 20 years now, has entered politics as he has accumulated a huge amount of youthful influence, which basically led Bob Wine into parliament in 2016.

It should be noted that youth constitute more than 70 percent of all Ugandans, citing the nation's largest population of young people.

They are the majority, yet these young people do not see the importance of President Museveni's government as, as in many African countries, many of them win districts with no jobs, with limited economic opportunities.

Thus, it was not surprising for Bobi Wine to win the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat in the last General Election as a personal candidate in front of competitors from the NRM and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party.

Looking at Bobi Wine, as it will be for Chameleone, they consider them to be their peers and will prioritize the challenges that President Museveni's leadership has failed in for many years.

However, with his decision to go to opposition, Chameleone is expected to face President Museveni's edge in the political arena. It is according to NRM Chairman of Eastern Uganda, Mike Mukula, who has warned Chameleone he wants him to be careful about politics.

“My advice to my dear friend Chameleon, to go with politics. It will starve you and will completely lose your musical talent. Don't say I didn't advise you, ”said Mukula.

Chameleone meets a Museveni politician who has led the country for more than three decades.

Bobi Wine has admitted that he is going through a difficult time under opposition, if the leader and his people plan to end him economically.

"They want me to be in a difficult economic situation," Bobi Wine said, adding that some of his former bandmates were banned from working with him.

"Ugandan government leaders have been trying to proclaim the country's image of democracy," said Bobi Wine and added:

"For years, human rights have been neglected, people have been tortured and many have been killed."

Since he officially started his country's parliamentary work last year, more than 120 of his concerts have been canceled, a blow that may have overtaken Chameleone, who has made clear his plan to continue music even after becoming mayor.

Despite Chameleone saying he did not go into politics for being a leader of the government's anti-government or insulting the president, his earlier statement, having defected after seeing public services in the state deteriorate, may seem a criticism of President Museveni's leadership.

Has Chameleone been on the list of the most powerful opposition politicians in Africa competing at police stations every morning? The answer will come only later.