Environment: The Fulu band takes care of the environment by turning rubbish into musical instruments

Is it Have you ever considered listening to a band with instruments made out of trash? In Kinshasa there is a music band called fulu music or trash music.

The band does not buy musical instruments but makes its own instruments

They use the various items they have collected from the landfill, not only for recreational purposes, the entertainers have been instrumental in conserving the environment.

BBC correspondent Kinshasa Mbelechi Msoshi met them.

First it picks up the waste and replaces pieces, bottles, broken pipes, and other things that can produce a good soundtrack, that music band is known as a tortoise, which means a real waste of music. After playing the pieces found in the landfill, a good sound is obtained.

Pisco Crane is his artistic name and his official name is Ewango Mabende, he is the Leader of the band that debuted in 2016.

The main aim was to fight pollution, through his music, as well as to seek to sensitize the government and citizens about the elimination of excessive rubbish that is rife in the capital and Kinshasa.

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"People who throw trash around civilians fail to clear that waste, and in my past, I found that there is a way to contribute to trying to reduce waste in the city, when I see something I can take and value again; a good example is we who live nearby and those waste we get diseases that come from garbage collection. Waste is the worst thing in the environment ''.

Aisha is the only girl among those bands. She says '' We have to bring in new local music, we are artists, we cannot remain in the music that talks about issues of sex and change, educating people and environment, especially children to know how to protect the environment. I joined this band when I heard their music could change the world and not Kinshasa. "

There were things that weren't in their music, but fulu music has brought new things.

People thought joke, they did not believe that this band had gained much popularity today.

The hope of the piscro crane is to see its music accepted worldwide.