Iran occupies the first position in science and technology

A new study, published in October by the international telecommunications union ITU, a United Nations-focused agency on information and communications technology (ICT), has critically evaluated ICT's contribution to the global economy.

The study, "The economic contribution of brand regulation, digital issues and ICT" says the increase in consumer spending is a light to economic growth.

Turning to digital transformation the research shows that the economic contribution to embracing such change is enormous, similar to that brought on by the use of brodband via mobile phones or cell phones.

Research has also revealed that sound and effective policies and best strategies can significantly contribute to economic growth through the digital system. And with that logic Houlin Zhao ITU secretary general said “with this historical research we can now confirm the impact of broadband distribution and digital transformation in economic growth, and that investment in ICT infrastructure is a priority to expand the scope of service delivery. broadband, and also help accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG's. "

According to the ITU the study also said through a system that models, principles and a plan to assess the economic impact of broadband and enable a comprehensive analysis of digital transformation data will help to provide evidence based on the development policy available.