It is Ongala by Maxime Yanga SC

Mecky Maxime who is currently with Kagera Sugar.

YANGA has two coaches' names on the table, one of which will be Yanga's assistant coach starting next month and they are both youngsters.

Although the head coach process is still slow but Yanga is in serious debate over who should pass him as an assistant between Kally Ongala and Mecky Maxime who is currently with Kagera Sugar.

Ongala, a British native who grew up in Sinza, has played and coached Azam on various occasions with Yanga believing that he has great love for their team.

Sport Xtra is confident that the fate of the assistant coach will be determined this weekend when it meets with the Technical Committee under Acting Head Coach, Charles Mkwasa.

But Yanga are planning to give Mkwasa a chance to work until next year when they bring in the head coach but the Ongala and Maxime process should be completed early.

When asked Maxime about it he said that "I am ready to land at Yanga any time now, and more importantly to embrace the interests of work that will motivate me to work with them.

"At present in Morogoro I'm resting, so if they want me, I am ready even today to send me a fare, I will soon be coming to Dar to finish them," said Maxime who retired with National Stars.