Milk ATMs free Kilimanjaro herders.

In Tanzania when most of them hear ATMs the first thing they can think of is probably a cash withdrawal tool.

What is different in Northern Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region is the first dairy ATM that has attracted the attention of the region's residents.

You may wonder how does that ATM work?

Nancy Manasseh is the chairman of the women's milk union

'' See maybe we were selling three hundred liters a day or four hundred now and we have added one hundred liters so it is profitable and this season is the season with the most milk and the milk is abundant until it is shed so far we have not shed milk ''.

ATM helps us and people are educated to drink milk is healthy because even if you don't eat anything else it will suffice you ''

Each liter costs an average of one dollar

But in this machine you can buy milk of any size depending on the amount you have

'' For the short time I have been here at this dairy ATM in Kilimanjaro the biggest challenge facing this project that has come to be loved by many is electricity if electricity is cut off so it is difficult to get service '

One-to-one breeders bring their milk here for tests and get ready to go to the ATM

Pastoralists say they have begun to see the benefits of these ATMs

Aleningwasa Swai is a breeder who benefits from this service.

"Dairy was cheap and it was only bought in tandem, but since the project started to take milk to the city we have been very profitable, the milk being taken at the end of the month is going to take your money ''.

For milk customers at the ATM they also had their own ideas about the project

"Milk is good I have been drinking milk in many places, milk here I found there is little difference, first the milk comes from the ATM and then the milk is good so every time you need a boiling milk and tea you get any time", explains the dairy customer, Martin Card

'' This service is great if you come anytime you get milk, if you have a milkshake tomorrow afternoon, "Grace Munisi is a customer too.

There are currently only two ATMs in the entire region

And many would like to be expanded and spread across densely populated areas

Like at bus stations, hospitals and even in the market.