Miss World: Laws preventing mothers from participating are 'discriminatory'

'' The conditions for entering the World Championship are discriminatory ... there is no place for them in the 21st century. ''

The 24-year-old Veronika Didusenko won the Miss Ukraine beauty pageant in 2018 but was stripped of the crown when organizers realized she was a mother.

Competition rules prohibit any beauty from participating in competitions that allow them to participate in the world beauty competition if they have children.

And now Veronika, who has a 5-year-old son, has decided to take legal action against the organizers of the tournament regarding their rules.

'' I want to change them, and challenge them. I want to make sure the rules for participating in the world championships change and be the same today. '' He told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

'' I want to keep them straight from the current life and look at the real life of their children in these days, and realize that they can work as well as other things outside of work. ''

Veronika claims she decided to take the 'Miss Ukraine' 'crown to promote her humanitarian center and was surprised when she was awarded the prize.

He was going to represent his country in the world beauty competition but four days later he was confiscated.

'' It was a shameful and humiliating thing for me, '' he said.

'' I felt bad because I'm not the only one being treated for this, it's something most women in the world agree with, who maybe want to participate but aren't allowed to participate just because they have children. ''

Veronika has agreed to see the deal on the application form, but was advised to share it with the organizers.

'' Why should a woman be refused to participate because she is a mother? It doesn't pay much attention ''

'' Being a mother does not bring harm that prevents a participant from working or being a model or doing my job. ''

'' So those rules didn't make any sense to me. ''

Chairman and managing director of '' Miss World '' Julia Morley, was asked about the law in an interview last year.

'' When you try for an international organization to agree with you, you have to look at everyone and they vote in favor of what is allowed. '' He told Good Morning Britain.

'' Whatever I feel or feel about the unity of Europe is something else entirely in line with what other parts of the world agree with, they have to look at their religious laws and a number of other things. ''

'' If you understand me well we do not have our own feelings, we have to take into account the stories of others. So what we are doing is seeking equality on both sides. ''

In 2014, the leader of the 'Miss England competition' Angie Beasley, said it would be very difficult for the winners to split their time for this beauty and motherhood.

Speaking to ITV news station Ms Angie said '' The act of a mother traveling to various parts of the world helping with child support centers for one year, is unfair to the child and the whole family. ''

'' It creates problems when it comes to who will raise the baby or the children of the conquered mother. ''

But Veronika says her son is fine because he has been traveling with her for her duties.

'' He has seen so many countries for his age. From my perspective I see a child who is more capable of thinking than other children. ''

"So Miss World 'saying they are worried about the baby ... It's very ridiculous to me."

Veronika says she hopes that the act of taking legal action will cause 'Miss World' to change the law. The competition begins this year in London on December 14th.

Represented by human rights advocate Ravi Naik who claims under the 2010 Equity Act, the law on entry for the competition is discriminatory.

'' I want Miss World 'to change its rules to make this race open to the public' 'said Veronika.

'' Because competitions that allow anyone to participate can facilitate gender discrimination, create employment opportunities for participants and enhance women's ability.

'' For example, most fashion houses allow pregnant women, women of great size and beauty of any age, to attend their fashion shows.

'' Therefore women's competitions need to follow their leadership and celebrate all women equally. ''
The World Championship has its own rules and regulations

The championship competition in Tanzania in 2014 went into the same error due to allegations of child-bearing fraud and was thus stripped of the Tanzanian crown that year.

Ms Basila Mwanukuzi, who served as the 1998 Tanzania Champion and now the organizer of the tournament, did not want to discuss the fact that what happened in Ukraine had happened in her country, "I was not a leader at the time so I do not know anything,"

He added that,

'' We know that every race has its own rules and regulations that every participant has to follow and in this world everything has its own rules. ''

'' It is clear that even we in Tanzania follow the criteria of Miss World competition, because if Miss Tanzania does not meet the criteria then she will be eliminated, legally you should not cheat because at the end of the day the truth will be known. ''

However, Basila has found that the claim that removing a mother from the World Championship on condition that she has a baby is abuse and discrimination.

'' I as a mother and I have children, as soon as you become a mother you play the role of a mother ... Miss grows in many roles, traveling around the world. It's hard to find time to raise a child.

The criteria set are growing and their causes must be adhered to ”, Basila says.

Newsbeat has contacted the world's miss agency, to see if they have anything to talk about this issue.