Priscillah Ruzibuka: A young Rwandan who decided to hire himself a fortune teller

After graduating from the University, Priscilla Umutashya Ruzibuka did not wait to be hired.

He decided to start his own fashion company under the brand E-mail Kids in Kigali.

She was able to open the project to sew clothes for toddlers, and she started by sewing clothes for her friends' children.

He worked and had short-term contracts with seamstresses, while analyzing the quality of their work, and later identified those with whom he would work immediately after completing the hiring process of his business.

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How did he grow up to be a model?

Priscilla developed a love for fashion and fashion from an early age.

She used to see a housewife who used to care for her sewing clothes for their clients, then try and act as she sewed, and make clothes for a doll.

Her guardian was a good example for her. '' He grew into a good role model for me because he was from a family that didn't have much potential, but was a worker where he learned a little sewing skills and tried to create new styles. '' Said Priscilla.
In the mind there is a way

Priscilla studied at Information Systems Engineering at the university. After her studies she became inspired to start a childrens clothing business as she did not want to wait to be hired.

Since he did not know much about business management, he decided to return to school to pursue a master's degree in project management (Masters in Project Management).

    "I quit doctoring and became a painter"

After graduation, she used the little savings she had and parents helped her and that's when she started sewing baby clothes for the children of her friends and family. '' I started by giving them short work contracts for apparel designers and assessing their skills, and later identifying those with whom I would work after completing the business registration process, '' says Ms. Priscillah.

Seeing the lives of the women she trained on sewing change based on skills and income is what made Priscillah even more inspiring. '' Seeing the styles I created and knit by the craftsmen being worn and loved by customers who enjoy their quality through my company Butterfly is a thrill for me ''. Says Priscillah.

Priscilla's advice to young people wanting to start a permanent business

    Take some time to identify the type of business you want to run.
    Don't just start a business because everyone does it.
    Be clear what your business is targeting and how they will benefit from your product or service.
    If you want to help your community, take a moment to understand what you want to do for your community, and think about how you will implement it.
    Don't give up, work hard until you reach your business goals

Challenges and achievements

as an entrepreneur, Priscilla affirms that - "Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey." He faced the pressure to make his business stand, while working long to make sure his customers got their columns on the ground that he was able to achieve.

He says: '' Because my business becomes, I am sometimes faced with the challenge of lack of money, and also the issue of employment contracts with her staff that has to pay them over a period of time is a challenge ''.

Priscilla has been able to achieve numerous commercial achievements under her trademark Butterfly.

Priscilla was also awarded the Queens Young Leaders Award, given by Queen Elizabeth of England for youth. She received the award last year in London UK for her contribution to recruiting disadvantaged women through her logo - Butterfly Kids.

The butterfly has received funding for her project from the Pollination Project worth $ 1000, which she used to buy the best sewing machines and fabrics and thus expand her business.

As an active member of the East African Leadership Institute-YALI, Priscilla applied for a $ 10,000 US development grant in which she was chosen to receive the money. He uses the money to further expand his business in foreign countries with quality baby clothes from eastern Africa.

In August last year, Priscilla was able to take the Butterfly's Kids Clothing to a children's clothing club at an international exhibition in New York City. He was able to establish partnerships with a number of merchants and gain a large number of people who wanted the E-mail products for the kids.

Priscilla inspires her young men to do the work they love so hard. '' If you do the work you love and you work hard you will definitely be successful, '' says Priscilla.