Rwanda launches environmentally friendly cars

Rwanda in partnership with Volkswagen and Siemens has launched the first electric vehicles in the country that will be environmentally friendly.

The project, which started with 50 vehicles designed for the pilot, will be used as passenger transport vehicles in Kigali and elsewhere in the country.

Volkswagen Group managing director for South Africa, Thomas Schäfer noted that the vehicles are still in the test and that they have been manufactured 40 e.Golf and that the first targets are not sold at a cost though the price has not yet been announced.

'' These cars do not plan to be sold to customers at the moment. We aim to first test them and find out how they work and then we will let them know if they will be sold or not. These cars are expensive compared to the conventional ones, due to their battery.

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The battery alone costs about US $ 8000 but electricity compared to fuel is cheaper.

But if the government helps them by setting policy for the sake of profit, then the situation is much better.

Look at China's government determined that 25 percent of the cars sold are electrically powered. ''

Serge Iyakoze is the driver of the Valkswagen company responsible for providing workshops to other motorists who have told the BBC about concerns or fears about the silent movement of the vehicles and if they do not expect to cause road accidents for people accustomed to car crashes to shock pedestrians.

'' When you are about to get into an accident you usually have to panic as the driver has the ability to look wide in front of him, for a short time.

Drivers tend to be curious about what is going to happen in the short term. When you see someone sneezing, you can whistle. But you can't go wrong, because even the passenger is able to see the car and you can also leave the lamps for him. ''

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The company has stated that it aims to expand the scope of its operations in many African countries.

After Rwanda, Ghana expects to follow and eventually go elsewhere.

While Europe is aiming by 2030 to abandon petroleum, Africa has embarked on a journey whose destiny has not yet been revealed but BBC commentators have indicated that their destiny will also come.