Special technology developed by Iranian researchers to burn plastic toilets

Iranian students in early November took first place in the 12th International Competition for the Unique Education and Physics of Nuvelo Education - IOAA - in China.

According to reports, Iranian students received gold medals in the competition held in Beijing from November 3 to 11. The competition is held annually and brings together the best students in the world of singles. The competition began in Thailand in 2006 with the creations of Poland, China, Iran, Indonesia and Thailan and is held to encourage high school students interested in inclusive education. The tournament also aims to strengthen the friendship and co-operation between the students of the inclusive school for the well-being of the profession in the future.

Iran's Speaker of the Assembly, Ali Larijani sent the investigators a congratulatory salute following the victory.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has participated in the 20th China Technology Fair such as the China Hi-Tech Fair which took place from November 19 to 21 in the city of Shenzen in southern China.

Four Iranian organizations based on knowledge-based and knowledge-based research took part in the exhibition, which presented the success of the Internet of Things or IoT. This is the internet that is connected to the things that humans use daily to enable it to send and receive data. In addition, the Iranian organizations achieved the achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence ie computers being able to think like a human being.

The exhibition involved 3,500 Chinese organizations as well as other organizations from 30 countries that demonstrated their achievements in various fields and innovations in aviation, robots as well as urban and health. The famous China Technology Fair like the China Hi-Tech Fair is the most important and best technology exhibition in China.


The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far successfully exported its nano technology products to 50 countries in the world.

This was recently reported by the Director of the Special Operations Department of Iran for Nano Technology Reza Asadi-Far. While citing the success of Iranian scientists in the field of nano technology, he went on to say: "The number of products based on nano technology in Iran increased from 13 in 2008 to 494 in this year 2018."

He has also predicted that there will be a significant increase in Iran's nano-technology products that are becoming popular in international markets. He has mentioned some of the countries that buy nano technology products from Iran including Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, India, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia and China