The Key Don't Be Passive

Last Friday night I believe it was good for fans of the paid boxing match after Tanzanian boxer Hassan Mwakinyo defeated him for points, Filipino Arnel Tinampay.

Mwakinyo won the ten-round clash, the weightless Super Welter at points and led to a lot of controversy from fans due to the fact they believed he had been beaten and others had won.

The debate was widespread in every part of the country which led me to believe the sport of boxing was popular in the country but due to its poor environment it has always seemed to be a hoax.

But the situation came to a head after the boxer spoke out loud through his social media voice throwing heavy blame on the late Rashid Matumla 'Snake Man'.

Akakinyo may not have known Matumla in light of the criticism he was making as one of the people who arrived at the game due to the high regard he gave to the country. But my problem here is not Trump in that he is finished and should be given his respect as in the past no matter what he said because he is an analyst and will remain so.

Wakinyo with a record of 17 fights, winning 15 of those 11 is by KO while being hit twice and one by KO, he made a mistake in his statement despite apologizing and making a mistake again.

Here I have been wondering who is behind him, who is telling him his limits to speak and what time to speak again or why.

The first mistake Akakinyo is currently facing fans in believing he cannot be criticized for being a boxer and feels he cannot be wrong. Mwakinyo spends a great deal of time trying to make sense of the people who don't know the fist as he won legitimately there on social networks to stop looking at his core issues for his other struggles.

Have you ever seen the best boxer in the world, Flody Mayweather shouting with fans or analysts about his level on the wall whether he is being carried or how. We in football people are very insulted but you do not hear them shouting or because the coach has been given some advice that he probably felt wrong.

After the mistake comes he apologizes again in lighter language to the people who have supported him in his struggle again surrounded by the tablet people behind him. What is the meaning of the leaders then he has failed to learn even through the Tanzanian international star, when Mr Samatta was criticized and promised to change, why has Akakin allowed himself to fall into the trap that might have easily lost him?

I believe Tanga has great people and themselves great wisdom but he still informs them where they were to lead our boxer who we believe will do great for the country leaving him lost in a group of local coffee drinkers.

A one-day victory that has earned the country a reputation, should not make him overpowered since his journey to the fist is still a long way that requires counselors to achieve his dreams.

But he should understand that they don't tell him if they hate him or don't like him unless they want him to be as successful in the boxing match as his predecessors.

I don't know how much time he has spent searching for the big ones he has now through subcontractors that are easy to miss due to the poor record of his sponsors. Several times in fists they ask sponsors through emerging companies to put on the game now that Akakinyo did not consider the impact of his statements on the overall impact of the game industry.

I believe Mwakinyo is one of the most intelligent and prudent boxers but he should not accept being used for personal gain by the people around him for the advice they give him.

What the fan will know is that fans want a fist, let his hands do his work and refuses to use his mouth and his hands to touch each other in the network. I know he probably decided to respond and then confessed the error otherwise probably after being consulted by superiors but I'm not sure if he sat down and returned to the whole debate by listening to the advice he had to work it out.